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Cockroach traps and baits

Cockroach traps are often the first method of removal for home and business owners when a cockroach infestation is discovered. Yes, you can buy roach traps at your local big box store, but how effective are they at removing cockroaches? 

One reason cockroaches can be difficult to exterminate is because they are nocturnal insects, which means they only come out at night. So, one might assume that if you place traps where you see signs of cockroaches, the traps will attract cockroaches and remove the infestation. 

But not so fast.

Cockroach traps

Roach traps and sticky traps allow you to inspect and monitor a cockroach problem over a period of time because it provides a visual representation of the infestation. It can tell what kind of cockroaches are on your property, where the cockroach infestation is located and where to spray pesticide. But, it won’t exterminate a cockroach colony. 

One reason roach traps won’t work to remove the colony is because the traps are sticky, so once a cockroach stumbles across a trap, it can’t move. This means whatever pesticide is on the trap won’t come into contact with other cockroaches.

Cockroach bait

Cockroach baits work by cockroaches smelling the bait, eating it and then bringing it back to their colony. Once the poisoned cockroach dies, other cockroaches eat the carcass and die from poisoning as well. 

Now, this can be an effective form of cockroach control. Pest control specialists often use cockroach bait as the first line of defense because it can be used without prior cockroach control measures but roach bait is not the silver bullet. 

Bait aversion is when cockroaches avoid eating the bait because they don’t like the taste of it. This is often referred to as behavioral resistance. 

Other reasons why cockroach traps and bait may fail are: 

  • Improper applications of traps, bait and pesticide 
  • Poor sanitation 
  • Lack of bait rotation

Effective cockroach control

If you are unsure on how to remove cockroaches or prevent them from returning, the pest specialists at Ehrlich can provide you with peace of mind when you are experiencing a cockroach infestation. 

Our certified specialists are located across the U.S. and can provide you with safe,reliable cockroach control when you need it most. With access to the latest technology and knowledge, you can rely on Ehrlich pest specialists to find solutions to your cockroach infestation fast. 

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