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Pest control Cherry Hill, NJ

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For businesses and homes across the Cherry Hill, NJ, region one of the things that really puts a damper on your day is discovering that you have a pest problem. That sinking feeling you get when you realize you have rats or mice. Have you spotted cockroaches scurrying around the floor and hiding in the kitchen cabinets? Perhaps you've been getting ants in the spring and fall. Whatever the pest problem, you're lucky that there is a Cherry Hill pest control specialist not far away at your local Ehrlich pest control office.

Ehrlich Pest Control in Cherry Hill are your local pest control experts. Ehrlich takes pest control very seriously and we've been doing it for a long time. We strive to keep our pest control specialists trained on the latest methods of detection, removal and prevention. Whether you have pesky bed bugs, troublesome spiders or wily rodents, we have a solution for your home or business to remove the problem and advice on how to prevent them from returning.

We offer a free initial home pest inspection, too. We offer numerous treatment options and can discuss all of them with you once we inspect your property and determine the nature of the pest problem. Contact your local Cherry Hill, NJ, Ehrlich office by phone or use our online form to set up an appointment.

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Bed bug control Cherry Hill, NJ

There are two words that almost always, instinctively, create a feeling of panic in the hearts and minds of homeowners: bed bugs. People worry about them these days because they have made a serious comeback, are hard to find and really hard to get rid of. The standard thought is that when you have bed bugs in your Cherry Hill, NJ, home is that you have to get rid of all of the furniture, clothing and other things that they might use to hide in. That's not really true, but trying to get rid of a bed bug infestation on your own is very hard. Just missing a couple of them can start a whole new infestation because they are very good at both hiding and breeding.

The first sign of a bed bug problem is probably going to be the red bite marks you find on your arms, legs, torso and neck. You may also spot blood spots on your sheets or, if you have really good eyesight, the tiny pinhead-sized insects themselves. If you notice insect bite marks that you believe may be from bed bugs call the local Cherry Hill bed bug control specialists at Ehrlich. We are trained in the latest methods and techniques to seek out where bed bugs are hiding and then offer the latest in treatment options to get rid of them.

Stop worrying about bed bugs and contact your local Ehrlich bed bug control expert in Cherry Hill. We call Cherry Hill our home, too, so we will get there fast to provide you with a solution that stops the bites and helps you sleep more soundly without worrying about bed bugs. Use our online contact form or call us for an appointment today.

Termite control Cherry Hill

Termites are insidious in the way they operate. It's not like termites ring the doorbell and ask for permission to dine on some old wood you have in the back of the house.. No, they attack wood because they need the cellulose which is contained within wood. In addition to damaging the wooden structures, termites can create smelly mud tubes around a home.

The wood-destroying organisms will infest a property quickly and sneakily. It’s very possible that a termite colony can be feasting on your decks, wooden frames, joists, floors and other wooden structures for a long time before you even see the signs. That's why termites are one of the most expensive pest infestations around.

Ehrlich's Cherry Hill termite control experts stand by ready to help. We know the signs of a termite problem and will seek out the underlying reason why termites are picking your home to build their home and start feasting. That way, we can provide you with reliable termite treatment options and then offer advice and solutions to prevent a return infestation.

Get a free property inspection to start things off and tell us what signs you've seen that seem to indicate a termite problem might be at work. Ehrlich's termite control specialists will help you determine if it's really termites or something else and offer a solution. Pick up the phone and call or use our online form.

Commercial pest control in Cherry Hill

Owning a business is a help to the community and to your employees, but it is also a big responsibility. There are a lot of things you need to worry about to keep a business running, so dealing with a pest problem is just a headache no Cherry Hill, NJ, business owner should have to deal with. Fortunately, there is an expert in commercial pest control nearby at your local Ehrlich office. 

Ehrlich has been providing both homes and businesses in Cherry Hill with reliable, dependable, pest control solutions for years. We take care to work with you and your business, understanding what your business is, listening to the pest issues you've been having and then providing you with a solution that takes your employees, your business and customers into consideration. Whether you're dealing with ants, cockroaches, rats, mice, wasps, flies, spiders or any of a dozen other pest issues, our Cherry Hill pest control experts can help.

Contact us today and set up an appointment with one of our trained and certified local Cherry Hill, NJ, pest control specialists. Use our online form or call us today!

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