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20 experienced and well-trained pest specialists make up the Charlotte Ehrlich Pest Control team. We service locations from  food processing centers to college dorms.

All of the staff in Charlotte are experts in Third Party Auditing Requirements and providing a Pest Free Environment. We offer managed solutions to help prevent infestations in your home or business.

Our office services customers in major cities in the area, including: 

  • Asheville
  • Mooresville
  • Monroe
  • And many more cities in the surrounding areas

Contact us online today to setup a free inspection of your property or call 800-868-0089 to speak to a live representative. 

Angie Lawrence

Manager of Ehrlich Pest Control in Charlotte

"Over 20 years ago, I started my career as a Service Specialist in the Charlotte District, and I've worked in Charlotte ever since. My previous job titles include, Service Supervisor, Operations Manager, Branch Manager, District Manager, and currently, Area District Manager."

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Fire ant control solutions

Most of the Charlotte District territory is prone to fire ants. They can be both troublesome in an urban setting and destructive to the agricultural industry.  

Fire ants are very difficult to control, and in order to be most effective, twice per month service is recommended. If you have a problem with fire ants, give us a call at 888-976-4640 or contact us online.

Mouse and rat control solutions

Mice and rats can can cause big problems for Charlotte residents. Outside of the diseases they transmit, these rodents can do considerable damage to your home or business.

DIY mouse and rat control solutions are rarely effective in controlling an infestation. For best results, call a professional. The pest specialists at Ehrlich have the expertise to offer a treatment tailored to your specific situation. If you have a problem with mice or rats, contact us for a free inspection.



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