Yellow Jackets Are Now Searching For Food

American Football - the NFL is backIt’s back to school time again, which means my boys are playing football – so I’ll be watching hours and hours of practice and games each week. All that time spectating reminds me that those aggressive yellow jackets are almost here!

Wasps, hornets and bees, not to mention yellow jackets are in a frenzy during late summer and early fall preparing for the cooler months that lie ahead and are trying to gather as much food as possible for their hive.  This food is needed to help the newly produced queens survive the winter, while the rest of the hive members will die off with the first frost. Yellow jackets are very aggressive this time of year as they scavenge for human foods (like soda, juices, candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.), and they will readily sting any person in their way – so don’t mess with stinging insects.

Social wasp Here’s a few ideas for what you can do in order to avoid getting stung by yellow jackets or other stinging insects during your next outdoor adventure:

  • Do not swat or run rapidly away from a yellow jacket buzzing around you, as quick movements can provoke an attack.
  • Remain calm and motionless for a while, then move slowly away from the area.
  • If you are at a picnic, all food and beverages should be covered until served – and keep your thumb over your soda can in between sips in order to avoid swallowing any.
  • Read this post for more pest proofing advice at picnics.
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