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What Coffee Flavor Does a Mouse Prefer?

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You’ve probably noticed the drop in temperature at night, the fact that the sun is going down early or that Starbucks has brought back the pumpkin spice latte. Autumn is upon us in the northern hemisphere which means one pest in particular will be causing a lot of trouble for people… mice!

During this time of the year, rats and mice run from the cold, miserable weather and move into our homes and businesses, destroying property and messing with the sanity of homeowners. Feedback from the field has suggested that rodent hotspots can be found in and around coffee shops, particularly where the coffee beans are stored.

That got us thinking: what is a rodent’s favorite coffee? Are they a fan of the orange mocha iced frappuccino or are they espresso people? We thought we’d put this question to the test and ran a series of experiments using non-toxic bait to find out. We turned to our Rentokil technical team in the UK to help us with this experiment to see if there what a mouse’s favorite coffee flavor was.

Don’t worry no rodents were harmed in this trial.

The experiment

In order to answer this unique question we started by systematically testing different aromas, and in some cases used specialist companies to extract pure essences to get the perfect coffee scent – as close to the original as we could get. We then picked two different scents usually found in a coffee shop to use.

For the experiment, we tested the idea on 3 different bait boxes for each scent. One bait box was sprayed with 40% essence, one with 10% and the last one included no extra scent. We then monitored the rodents reaction to each bait box and recorded how many times the bait was taken.

The results

So far we have not found any evidence that support the idea that mice are attracted to coffee.

What we found was that the bait boxes carrying no extra scent were definitely the mice’s favorite, showing more intake than both those with 10% and 40% essence. The unscented control is currently a firm favorite among mice.

We have also repeated this work with Mouse Monitor Units, but this still showed no evidence that mice are attracted to the smells of a coffee shop.

Why do mice like coffee shops?

Well unlike us it’s not the coffee that attracts them, it’s the warm temperature and other attractive features. And it’s not just coffee shops mice love, it’s any sheltered area.

What attracts mice indoors?

Mice love to set up camp inside our homes and businesses because:

  • Warmth
  • Shelter from the rain and other harsh weather conditions
  • Good, continuous, source of food that’s easy to find

How do mice get inside?

There is a number of different ways mice navigate their way into homes and/or businesses.


A mouse can fit through a hole as small as a pencil! This means that any property with the tiniest of damage to doors and walls provide a good entry point for any rodent. Mice and rats are also known to gnaw structures in order to gain entry and they have the tough, strong and sharp teeth to do it. Even if a hole is too small for a mouse to fit in, it will gnaw at it until it’s big enough.

Mouse Highways

This refers to the underground network of cable and pipe tunnels lying beneath our feet. These highways and byways provide rodents such as mice easy access to your homes and businesses.

How can you prevent mice?

There are a few things you can do to prevent mice from entering your property.

  • Repairing Holes – fix any damage to your home, where a mouse might be able to squeeze, or gnaw, its way through. A good product to use is wire mesh or expanding foam which can be purchased from any hardware store.
  • Cleaning up – Making sure your property is always thoroughly cleaned is a good way of keeping mice out, as it eliminates any inviting odors and removes potential nesting material. A good tip is to place items such as cereal in plastic containers – mice can chew through cardboard boxes like it was chocolate cake.
  • Fixing Pipes – Old leaky pipes provide great access to any home and/or business. A good way to prevent this from happening is to check for any damages to your pipe work and repair if necessary.
  • Doors It may not look like it but mice can easily squeeze their way underneath any door. To keep them out, install fitting bristles to the bottom of the door.

Professional Pest Control

Another great way to help prevent mice from moving into your home/business is to enlist the help of a professional pest control company.

At Ehrlich, we offer a range of innovative pest control products designed to keep your property pest free. By choosing a professional pest control company, you are ensuring that all the right, necessary prevention procedures such as monitoring any potential mouse infestations to ensuring the correct solutions is installed.

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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