We Found The Nervy Rodent – There Was Only One!

Hot cereal for breakfast anyone?As you may recall know, I have been battling an extremely smart mouse in my house with the help of my excellent Technician Scott.  This rodent must know I work for Ehrlich because he/she has been extraordinarily difficult to remove.  Here’s the story of how we finally caught it.

I made hot cereal on the stove for my children for breakfast one morning.  We were in a rush (as usual) to get to school and work, so I left the pot with the last bits of cereal on the stove thinking I would wash it later. Little did I know….

When I returned home later that day, I went to wash the pot, only to find numerous signs of mice, e.g. droppings (bleuch) and little mouse mouth marks all over the remaining cereal (double bleuch).  Upon closer inspection, it looked like our mouse had a Cream of Wheat party and had left droppings all over my stove and counter (triple bleuch).  So out came the bleach, the hot water, antibacterial cleaner, and I got to work.

This clean-up project continued on and off for several hours, interrupted by kids needing help with homework, etc.  I had cleaned the first four of the six burners on our stove but hadn’t gotten to the last 2 yet when my teenage daughter came down to offer her help cleaning up the last 2 burners.

mouse stoveWe were standing side by side when she lifted the teapot off the rear burner.  That’s when the screaming began!!  That’s also when the teapot was immediately dropped, and we both ran to the other side of the kitchen hugging each other (yes, I know, I’ve worked in pest control for 20 years – I should know better!).  We stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do – our innocent little teapot had been hiding this rodent since we’d arrived home that day.  I had been cleaning literally within inches of it the whole afternoon and evening!

Once sense got a hold of me, I made a quick call to the technician, and he arrived in no time at all.  What was most amazing was that the mouse stayed under the teapot until he arrvied.  Not sure if he was as scared as we were or if it was the Cream of Wheat that was keeping him there…

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