Wasps v Bees and Ants

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Red ant and waspEvery summer US homeowners and businesses fight a battle against yellow-jackets and ants nesting on their property. Although humans are well equipped to win the battle of the wasps and ants, the war is fought on many fronts and the insect community must provide its own defences.

A honey-bee colony can be decimated by an ant or yellow-jacket invasion. Driven by a sweet-toothed desire for honey just a handful of wasp ninja’s can diminish a hive within hours. However you may be surprised to find out what happens when an ant meets a wasp.

Check out these video’s which provide an insight into how insects provide their own pest control.

30 Hornets v 30,000 Bees

This incredible footage by silentrouge shows what happens when a handful of hornets plunder a beehive containing thousands of bees.

Ants v Bees

The beekeeper in the video explains that bees can’t contract their stinger enough to sting, but the ants can easily sting the bees. Interestingly the beekeeper also explains that fire ants don’t bother bees, just humans!

Ant v Wasp

Finally, who do you think comes off best when an ant attacks a wasp? To find out watch this great footage fron National Geographic:


Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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