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5 Winter Pest-Proofing Tips

During the winter, you might think that you are safe from pests. The fact is, pests try even harder to get inside buildings when the temperatures get colder and the weather gets wetter. That’s why winter is the time you need to spend pest-proofing your home.

Dealing with pests during the winter can be a challenge. Not only are you trying to stop pests from getting in when it’s cold, but you should also be using this time to look ahead to the warmer spring months when pests like ants, termites and roaches will come back and try to get inside.

At Ehrlich, our pest control specialists know how pests are getting into your home and offer advice on what you can do to weather the pest storm coming this spring. Get your tools ready and review our tips for pest-proofing your home this winter.

Need help keeping your home pest-free? You can also contact us for a winter check and to get a professional property inspection.

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