Vegetation…might not be that good for you

Eating your vegetables is good for you. But when you warp the word to “vegetation”, the problems can begin. After aOvergrown Vegetation meeting with our VMS (Vegetation Management Service) manager, I learned that not all shrubbery is safe…

“Vegetation” goes down two tracks in the Pest Management Industry. The first, and one we all like to see, is “desirable vegetation”. This includes ornamental shrubs, well placed trees, etc. The second type is “undesirable vegetation”, and I believe the name speaks for itself. This type of vegetation is the kind that begins to overrun your yard and fences, like weeds, vines, poison and even honey suckle (which I was sad to find out is normally undesirable, even though I think they are delicious!).

VMS is important to the Pest Management Industry because using the service reduces the chance of harboring pests visiting your property. Tall grasses can house snakes, mice and insects, and overgrown trees disable our Technicians from properly and effectively protecting the building, not to mention the “overgrown look” is out.

Like I’ve mentioned before, and probably certainly will again, is that preventing the problem is key. Most customers have our Technicians treat the property starting in late March/early April to beat the weeds. By staying ahead of the weeds, the problem never gets out of control, and the vegetation stays “desirable” to you, but not the pests!

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