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Ultimate guide to seasonal pests [Infographic]

Pest Seasonality InfographicIn the world of pest control, preparation is everything. We at Ehrlich are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers to reduce potential infestations from occurring. While pests like insects and rodents present enumerable challenges for humans, there is one aspect we can always count on year-in and year-out: seasonality. Whether its a mouse in the house in the fall or termites making a dent in your wallet in the spring, specific pests are more active at different points of the year in the United States.

What are seasonal pests?

While some pests like cockroaches and bed bugs remain active year-round, many insect intruders are seen indoors at a higher rate during one of the four seasons. You can decrease the likelihood of your home experiencing certain pest problems by planning ahead before key seasons. Take action to proof your home against the pests you know will be in season before they become highly active.

We created the below Ultimate Guide to Pest Seasonality Infographic so you always know what pests could be pestering you throughout the year.

Although pest seasonality in the United States does vary slightly throughout the United States (especially in temperate states like California and Florida), the below Infographic captures the general pest behavior patterns by season in the U.S. Be sure to use the tips included in each section to keep these pesky critters out of your property!

Pest Seasonality Infographic

How can you prevent pests from infesting your home? We strongly recommend signing up for our Year Round Protection Plan which protects your home 365 days a year from the 36 most common pests.

Do you have any questions about pest seasonality? Share below in the comments! 

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