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Pestaurant PicturesAlmost all of the time, Pest Control is a very serious business where there is not much room for fun, but last week, on June 4th, we at Ehrlich Pest Control hosted a pop-up “Pestaurant” in Washington, DC in which pests were an integral part of the menu. The event held at “DC power restaurant” Occidental Grill was but one of the many insect-eating events being hosted by our parent company, Rentokil, throughout the world.

Ehrlich donated $5 to the DC Central Kitchen for anyone who chose to eat a pest, and $20 for anyone who entered a cricket-eating contest. Through our efforts at this event, we raised over $6,000 for the kitchen which serves 5,000 meals a week to low-income and at-risk citizens in US capital.

When “Pestaurant on Pennsy” opened at 11:30 am there was a line of people waiting to get their hands on some tasty critters. Not only was the attendance strong at Pestaurant but there was also multiple news networks covering the event including NPRThe Washington PostRT,USA Today and more. The buzz on Social Media was astounding as the hashtag #Pestaurant  was Tweeted by attendees well beyond Washington, DC, including countries such as Trinidad, France, Belgium, South Africa, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Below we have shared some of our favorite Tweets and pictures from each respective country.

United States




United Kingdom

South Africa

To learn more about Global Pestaurant Day, visit 

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