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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Pestaurant

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go To PestaurantJune 3rd is Global Pestaurant Day! What’s Pestaurant? Pestaurant is a pop-up restaurant that serves free edible insects.

Ehrlich Pest Control’s first annual Pestaurant event last year in Washington D.C. grabbed headlines across the United States. The purpose of Pestaurant is to raise the public’s awareness about insects, celebrate Ehrlich’s 87 years of rich heritage and support a worthy cause.

Pestaurant is coming to Boston, Massachusetts in 2015! On June 3rd from 11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., Ehrlich will be giving away some tasty bugs to the public outside Faneuil Hall in Boston’s historic Sam Adams Park.  Sampling insect cuisine not on your to-do list? No worries! We have complied the “Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Pestaurant” below. Bon Appétit!

Reason #1 – Eating Insects is Good For You 

Eating Insects is Good For You

Did you know that insects are a staple of the diet of around 2 billion people around the world? The U.N. has actively encouraged and promoted the eating of insects to fight global hunger. There are over 1,900 insects in the world that are considered edible and many of them are full of protein and fiber. “Entomophagy” is the consumption of insects. Growing insects for human consumption is a very sustainable way to produce food. They require very little land to grow and emit significant less emissions than other animals.

The event will be catered by Boston’s own Hostess Catering.

The 2015 Pestaurant menu in Boston will include:

  • Grasshopper Turkey Burgers
  • Boston “Clorm Chowda”
  • Mealworm Fried Rice
  • Chocolate Chirp Cookies

Reason #2 – Pestaurant Supports The Greater Boston Food Bank 

The Greater Boston Food Bank

Even if you’re not an adventurous eater, by participating in Pestaurant you can “bite back” at hunger in the Boston area. For every person that tries a pest and every person that participates in our 2nd annual cricket eating contest, Ehrlich Pest Control will make a donation to The Greater Boston Food Bank. A member of Feeding America (the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization), The Greater Boston Food Bank distributed 48 million pounds throughout New England, providing healthy meals to as many as 545,000 people.

Reason #3 – You Could Be On T.V.


Do you want to become famous? Well, we can’t really help you with that. However, you could end up on T.V. by attending Pestaurant. A number of T.V. crews attended Pestaurant last year, including many local T.V. and radio stations . Even some national outlets came to capture attendees eating pests and interviewed some Ehrlich pest experts. Get an idea of what to expect by watching the below RT America segment from last year.

Reason #4 – You Can Win Pestaurant Prizes 

Pestaurant Apron

Everyone who attends Pestaurant will receive a “I Survived Pestaurant” sticker to prove that they were brave enough to eat bugs. In addition to the stickers, Pestaurant goers can compete against fellow insect eaters in our popular cricket eating contest. Whoever can consume the crickets the quickest will win a prize. There will be 3 separate heats and the fastest overall cricket eating time will be donned the overall champion.

Pestaurant attendees can also win prizes by joining in on our #IEATBUGS2015 Instagram Contest.  Post an image on Instagram of yourself eating a insect at Pestaurant with either the Pestaurant or Ehrlich logo in the background. 3 winners will receive Pestaurant prizes, including a Pestaurant Apron.

Reason #5 – Take Part in a Global Event

Pestaurant Logo

The Pestaurant event in Boston will not be the only event of its kind on June 3rd. Ehrlich Pest Control’s parent company, Rentokil, will be hosting Pestaurant events in 13 countries in honor of Global Pestaurant Day. To see photos from the Pestaurant events around the world, follow @Pestaurant on Instagram or search the hashtag #Pestaurant on Twitter on the day of the event.


Excited for Pestaurant? Watch our official 2015 Pestaurant video below! 

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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