Tick hidden on a green leaf detail and little girl foots in sandals on a lawn in a natural park

Top 5 eastern states for Lyme disease

Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States. According to the CDC, approximately 476,000 people get Lyme disease each year. Ticks are active from March to November, but they become more aggressive in the spring as the weather gets warmer. Recently, tick activity has been on the rise in a lot of areas in the country, so that 476,000 statistic could trend upward.

The only good news is that not all tick species contract Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an infectious disease spread through the bite of an infected blacklegged tick. Though these ticks are found just about everywhere, there are some areas of the United States that experience higher tick activity, and therefore have higher rates of the disease. We took the most recent statistics from the CDC on Lyme disease cases by state and listed out the top five states in the east for tick and Lyme disease reports.

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1. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania comes in at the top as the state with the most cases in 2019. Lyme disease is present in all 67 counties. In 2019, Pennsylvania recorded a total of 6,763 confirmed cases of the disease. Rural areas found throughout the state are the perfect spot for ticks to hibernate, as these areas are covered with vegetation, grass, and forests. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, there is at least one Lyme disease case for every 100 people in the state. 

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2. New York

New York is next on our list. In 2019, the state reported approximately 2,847 confirmed cases. New York residents may run into ticks when visiting the grassy and wooded areas upstate. Lyme disease cases have been higher in the eastern part of the state compared to the west. However, more construction and new neighborhoods are popping up throughout the state, making the tick population move further west. Ticks have also been found throughout New York City in more shaded areas where trees, bushes, and leaf litter can keep them hidden and cool.

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3. New Jersey

New Jersey has always been a hot spot for ticks and Lyme disease cases. In 2019, New Jersey reported 2,400. The state has a rate of 27 cases per 100,000 people, which is nearly four times as high as the national rate of 7.1. Morris County, which is actually a popular location for NYC commuters to live, had the highest number of cases in 2019 with 426, followed by 369 in Monmouth County and 339 in Hunterdon County. New Jersey’s abundant parks, forests, and urban areas create the perfect spots for ticks to hide, breed, and prepare to latch onto a human to spread the disease.

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4. Maine

In 2019, Maine reported a total of 1,629 cases of Lyme disease. Maine has a shocking rate of 121.2 Lyme disease cases per 100,000 people. The disease has been one of the most reported infectious diseases in the state. With its heavily wooded areas, Maine provides the perfect environment for ticks to thrive from May through August, and in the winter months, ticks are still active when the weather is above 30 degrees. According to the University of Maine’s tick lab, the rate of infection for Lyme disease grew by almost 6% last year.

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5. Wisconsin

Last but not least, Wisconsin comes in at number five reporting 1,219 cases of Lyme disease. Wisconsin’s wet and warm climate creates the perfect environment for ticks to thrive. The Lyme disease-carrying blacklegged tick is found in every county in the state. Wisconsin also has a large deer population, creating an even higher risk of spreading the disease. The NPMA reported that Wisconsin is among the top 25 percent of states reporting a high incidence of Lyme disease cases.

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*Data provided by CDC

Tick hidden on a green leaf detail and little girl foots in sandals on a lawn in a natural park

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