This Is One (Or Two Or…?) Smart Mouse!

Pests do not enter hereFor years, I’ve soaked in all of this pest control wisdom about how to keep pests out of your home.

I’ve kept the bushes trimmed outside, made sure all the gaps were sealed and kept a clean kitchen (as clean as you can keep with two teenagers at least.)

You can only imagine my horror when the pest control technician told me the news that I have a mouse (or mice!) in my house.  Now, I’m a bit biased because I work for Ehrlich, (the best pest control company ever).  How could my house have a mouse??!!  Did this mouse know he would be up against Scott?  This was one gutsy mouse!

House mouseWell, this is also one very smart mouse.   Seems he/they like the wall void behind my kitchen cabinets and have not yet left this safe refuge, somehow avoiding the numerous mouse traps that have been set.  My little furry friend will go quiet for a while, and when I finally think he has vacated the premises, we will hear his scratching in the walls.  Alternatively, he sometimes leaves me a “present” on my kitchen counter.

This mouse (or mice) will have his day — and soon — but it is certainly humbling to be reminded just how smart pests can be.

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