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Termite tips: How does your garden grow?


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Ahh, spring! If you’re headed outside to exercise your green thumb, remember that your garden might be the first stop for termites on the way to destroy your home.

Keep these things in mind while you’re working in your flower and plant beds this spring.

Termites: Mulch munchies

Termite Control and Prevention Guide

Mulch is meant to insulate and keep plants warm in the winter, and then provide moisture retention and protection in the dryer months of the year. Research evidence supports the fact that termites are attracted to both increased thermal and moisture gradients – in other words, your mulch work could be drawing termites to your home!

  • If you are going to use mulch in your garden near your home, rake it away from the home’s foundation and any termite treated zone. Mulch should be pulled back 8-12 inches from the foundation. Consider using a gravel barrier in the space instead of mulch.
  • If at all possible, do not use wood mulch. If you must use wood mulch, consider using hardwood over softwood mulch, as softwoods have been shown to be more attractive to termites. Bark-based mulches are less favorable to termites, although they can still be eaten by them.
  • Remember that pine straw can also carry the risk of bringing new, unwelcome pests to your yard, including several ant species.  

Think before you dig

Garden work, or even home construction, near the foundation of your home has the potential to disrupt a termite-treated zone or barrier that you have paid for to prevent a termite infestation. Ask your Ehrlich termite control specialist to point out where your termite barrier is so that you don’t disturb it and invite wood-destroying pests to your home.

If for any reason you suspect termite activity, don’t forget to contact us!

Pest problems at home?

Erhlich pestfree365 + termites provides protection against over 36 of the most common pests including termites all year long.  Call today for year-round #pestfreeliving.

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