Termite Facts To Chomp On Infographic

Termite InfographicTermites are enigmatic, wood-devouring creatures. They are delicate, soft and prone to easily drying out. However, termites have been around for more than 50 million years with approximately 3,000 termite species inhabiting temperate locales worldwide. Though termites recycle dead plant materials, returning nutrients to the soil, they become significant threats upon entering homes.

The saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ does not even begin to do justice in the telling of the story of nature’s 50 million year-old home wrecking weapon- the termite. The below termite infographic “Termite Facts to Chomp On” is a mere morsel of food for thought on the scariest pest threat to homeowners on the planet.

Termite Facts To Chomp On

For more information on termite identification, visit our termite species page.

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