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US Pest Watch Image | US Termite Map Secretive, tenacious and responsible for an estimated $5 billion in property damage every year in the US alone, termites are known for reeking havoc on homes and businesses alike. All it takes is an opening of 1/32nd of an inch and termites can enter a building. The slightest crack in your foundation or a small opening near a drainpipe could result in the wood-boring pests establishing a settlement within your happy home.

Rentokil North America pest control technicians work hard to help everyday people rid their properties of termites. So that we can better understand termite behavior and patterns, we have created USPestWatch – an interactive heat map that tracks termite activity @ jcehrlich.com/pestwatch Anyone who spots a termite or a group of termites swarming is encouraged to plot their termite sighting on the map. 

The map has been populated using the past 5 years of termite job data from the family of Rentokil Pest Control companies in the United States, Ehrlich Pest Control, Western Exterminator and Presto-X Pest Control. Every year during their swarming season (which begins in early spring and can last until late August in some parts of the country), termites grab headlines and remind property owners of the threat they pose.

Most recently, huge swarms of termites in New Orleans, Louisiana created a stir, inspiring many smartphone savvy citizens to snap photos and share them on Social Media networks. While a termite swarm can be quite the sight to behold, the highly destructive pests spend much more time invading homes undetected and causing expensive damage.

“If you have a timber-framed home, it’s important to remain mindful of termites because they can be very difficult to detect. Once they are in your home, damage has already occurred,” said Sean Hunter, Ehrlich Division Manager for Wood Destroying Organisms.

By contributing to USPestWatch, you will be helping our team of technical experts better understand the mating behaviors of termites. There are number of treatments pest control companies employ to combat termite infestations, including Ehrlich’s environmentally friendly monitoring and baiting system. However, the best defense against termites is preventing problems in the first place, making regular inspections of your home by a pest control professional imperative.

With your help and the help of other USPestWatch plotters, we can together  gain a greater understanding of one of the pest world’s greatest nuisances to humankind. In addition to plotting your termite sighting on the map, we encourage you to share the map on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #USPestWatch.

Be sure to checkout the Ehrlich termite identification page to learn how you can tell the difference between termites and winged ants. 

Do you have a termite experience you would like to share? Post away in the comments below! 


Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

Since our founding in 1928, Ehrlich Pest Control has grown to over 100 local offices serving both residential and commercial customers throughout the Eastern U.S. Long lasting relationships with colleagues and customers is a cornerstone of our success. Many Ehrlich colleagues have been with the company for 25, 30 and 40-plus years.

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