Subterranean, Dampwood, Drywood, Formosan…..

house eaten by termitesTermites. These pests have the ability to damage to your home, maximize your stress level and in the end – cost you significant expenses.  I remember watching cartoons as a kid and seeing a termite swarm attack a tree, turning it into a mere toothpick in seconds! Funny to see – if only termites were that useful.  I also remember a group of termites devouring a house, only to leave nothing behind but the nails.  Again, a bit far-fetched from reality….right??

In the Northeast U.S. we are starting to come out of the cold winter days, not soon enough after this past season of snow, wind and ice. The temps are warming here and that means termites will soon become more active.  As a homeowner, it is important to be as proactive as possible when it comes to termites. There are various things you can do things to help prevent termites:

  • Stack firewood at the far end of the garden
  • Make sure that leaves and garden waste aren’t stored next to the house
  • Ensure regular maintenance of taps and pipes
  • Provide good ventilation in crawl spaces

There are also ways you determine the signs of termite activity in or around your home – mud tubes, flying  “swarmers” around your window, etc. Termite swarmers can easily be confused with flying ants, at least to the untrained eye – and therefore quickly dismiss swarmer activity as mere flying ants coming out due to the nicer weather.

Subterranean Termite SoldierGet rid of Termites

If you notice any signs or activity you should take immediate action and have a trained professional inspect your home.  If it is confirmed that there is activity in your home, there are a variety of termite treatment options available to choose from.

The key in all of this is to be as proactive as possible in preventing termites. However, if your home is being invaded, act quickly to get a comprehensive free termite inspection, and select a termite control treatment option that is best for you….unless that is, you would prefer toothpicks and nails.

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