Stink Bugs and Other Evil Miasmas

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Stink bugAnyone who has been the victim of the noxious fumes secreted from the appropriately named stink bug will be reluctant to touch one again. The strong, distinctive stench serves as a warning not to touch and is certainly hard to forget. They may not bite – but their fumes reek.

If you haven’t yet spotted a stink bug, commit the image here to memory. The brown marmorated stink bug first arrived in Pennsylvania, it has now invaded all of the the Mid-Atlantic States. Stink bugs are strong flyers and have been spotted in many southern and midwestern states.

Sometime late July to early August new adults stink bugs will be emerging so may this blog serve as a warning to approach them with caution.

The smell bugs give off can help pest controllers do their job. Bed bugs emit a strange, musty odor which our bed bug sniffer dogs can detect in minutes. Our technicians can literally sniff out a rat because although they are malodorous creatures they are in a sense civilized; they have bathrooms. Mice urinate and defecate at leisure, leaving behind a trail of evidence. The putrid stench of a decaying pigeon and accompanying fly infestation is sometimes the driving reason for a business to call Ehrlich to inquire about bird control solutions such as netting and wiring. Over time pigeon poop can build up and create a big stink, particularly in a confined space such as an attic.

The Zorrilla is a member of the Polecat and weasel family

The stinkiest animal on earth is reported to be the Zorrilla or Striped Polecat which lives in Africa. You may find it hard to believe that something so cute and cuddly could emit such a horid aroma from its anal glands. So pungent is the vile stench, it can be detected over half a mile away.

Humans can stink too. The Huffington Post recently ran a story on Smelly Hair Syndrome. One sufferer described how the stench emanating from her hair and scalp was so bad flies would buzz around her head!

Everyone has different perception of what smells repugnant. Here’s my top 5:

Alicia’s Top 5 Vile Aromas

  1. Durian. A fruit which has the misfortune to smell like vomit(?).
  2. Rotten Fish. The evil miasma from a fish corpse is utterly repulsive.
  3. Male Cat Spray. There’s a black and white catwhich sneaks into my house and sprays. How can I stop it?
  4. Rice pudding. Was forced to eat it at school. I am now traumatized. Plus it looks like puke.
  5. Dog poop. For all those dog walkers. I don’t want it in my yard, park, school playground, beach etc.

Which smells do you kick up a stink about?

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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