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I really can’t stand mice so it was with trepidation that I strolled round my property looking for signs of rodent activity.  Now winter is upon us it’s almost certain that the pests will be scampering from the chilly fields and damp farm buildings near my house to seek a warmer environment.

To see if any undesirable furries were trying to gatecrash the Bernas residence I strolled around the outside of my house. To my horror there were tunneled mouse holes all around the most vulnerable, and accessible areas – near doorways, basement doors and garage. But one area in particular seems to be the epicenter of activity – my outside trash bins near the garage. There are lids secured on top to keep the trash safe from scavengers such as skunks, certain birds, squirrels, and the occasional stray cat. But mice are seemingly undeterred.

All spring and summer nothing! No activity, no sight of a single mouse. Now however, I have an elaborate set of mouse highways and holes ruining my lawn. It’s not so much that I particularly care about the lawn, it’s more about where they are going and the damage mice could be doing to the siding, wires, insulation, and other areas of my house. So getting rid of mice has become my new hobby.

House mouseThe good thing is I seem to be the only one who has spotted the quick little pests thus far. If my wife or kids spot them anywhere near the house chaos will ensue! Needless to say, I am taking action to prevent mice from getting into my home.

Once inside mice can reproduce rapidly, contaminate food and cause unsanitary living conditions. The colder weather drives mice to locate warmth and food to build nests and reproduce.  So I guess they feel my house makes an ideal place to occupy. Well, sorry to disappoint but there are no vacancies in my home – at least not for mice. I mean, groundhogs, chipmunks, squirrels are also looking to set up shop for the winter and they’re not welcome either.

The holidays are quickly approaching and my house will be filled with enough guests, mice however, are not on the invite list. Although now that I think about it, a mouse here or there might make for better company than some friends and relatives I can think of!

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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