Can you smell that smell? Because I can’t

stink bug

This season stink bugs have been in full effect. They are everywhere. What is funny about the stinkbug is that even though they aren’t harmful, they certainly are menacing, sour-smelly pests, and people want to get rid of them.

I recently sat with an Inside Sales Representative, Brian, at Ehrlich Rentokil, to learn how he operates on a daily basis. While sitting with him and listening in on his calls to understand what customers ask for when needing a service, the topic of the bug of stink arose.

The Office Manager of an apartment complex called inquiring for information on how to rid the doorways and hallways of these creepies and Brian had all the answers. Brian has been with the company for almost 16 years, so he really knows his stuff. It turns out, stinkbugs love the sun, and that is why you’ll find them clinging near windows and/or on the sunny side of your house. Because they only show up for warmth, there is no real way to stop them, except for spraying pesticides around entryways and where they might take a nap (like the side of your house facing the sun).

Another interesting fact is that although they are called the stink bug, I don’t think they stink. It is when they feel threatened or are crushed that they might emit a foul odor. But I’ve never smelled one, and trust me, I’ve crushed many.

Personally, when I see one, I grab a tissue and sneak up on the bug. Down the toilet it goes. But there are easier ways to rid them from your life, so check it out here on Ehrlich’s website.

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