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Photos of Presto-X Technician Trevor Dawson’s journey into the insect world started long before his four hour and 40 minute flight from Lincoln, Nebraska to Philadelphia in order to attend Ehrlich’s new technician two- day training seminar. He has been an avid collector of things many people consider cringe-worthy to say the least. “I’ve always had a fascination and love for insects,” said Dawson.

He was a lifelong amateur insect collector boasting a diverse collection of various species of  spiders, beetles, bees and butterflies until a recent move in which his collection was mostly destroyed, albeit accidentally. Dawson’s gradual metamorphosis into Lincoln’s very own modern day bug buff has come full circle. He now is a proud member of the Presto-X family, covering the northside of Lincoln, Nebraska as a newly hired  technician.

Read on to learn more about Trevor’s personal pest quest!

Insects came crawling into his youth as he indulged his desire and hunger for knowledge through reading many books, preferring ones that revolved around science-fiction, nature and biological sciences. Eventually with the encouragement of his father, a fellow nature and book lover, Dawson would give guided tours as the ‘encounter specialist’ at the Morrill Hall Museum at the University of Nebraska.

“When I was 11 years-old I would do presentations and give tours of the various reptiles, insects and amphibians; I did this until I was 18,” said Dawson. He had the distinction of being the only child on staff for the ‘encounter program.’

Dawson lamented getting distracted in his teens, dropping out of high school. But he would go on to earn his G.E.D. “I got distracted in my mid-to-late teens and ended up working at a pizza restaurant for nearly 15 years,” said Dawson. But he would also end up working in store management in his last six years.

That was when his opportunity came buzzing in by way of a regular customer who was also a Presto-X technician. The technician offered words of encouragement and advice that Dawson wisely took to heart.

Dawson now eagerly begins his technician days at 6 a.m., preferring an earlier start to beat the heat of Nebraskan summers. He also talks about how he looks forward to teaching his two young sons, aged 2 and 5, the many joys of reading and outdoor exploration. “I cannot wait until they are just a little bit older so I can share with them what my father had shared with me in my youth,” said Dawson.

He also credits his wife, a lab chemist, who has been very supportive of his career transition with Presto-X: “My wife and family have been instrumental in my career transition,” said Dawson. He also added that he will gradually pursue a bachelors degree in entomology. But will concentrate on the numerous technician certifications, starting with the A.C.E. entomologist accreditation. Trevor Dawson has finally found his feet on the road to realizing the numerous possibilities that are now before him.

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Stephen E. Doyle

I am a Professional Writing major at Penn State University (Berks Campus). I will graduate in May 2014. I have finally decided to pursue my lifelong love of writing via a career change. I am a fulltime college student, fulltime father of two wonderful boys- 8 years and 5 months- and an avid reader of noir fiction, historical fiction and enjoy the occasional biography. I am also a freelance writer enjoying my summer internship with Rentokil (Ehrlich) in Reading, Pennsylvania as a marketing intern primarily writing for the blog sites for Rentokil and Ambius as well as content for the Rentokil (Ehrlich) website. I freelance for The Reading Eagle newspaper (Berks County, Pa) and I write for the Home Builders Association's award winning bi-monthly magazine, 'At Home In Berks'. A few of my hobbies are writing, watching and playing soccer with my 8 year-old son, watching my 8 year-old son play soccer, reading, watching old films (Kurosawa, Melville, Dasin, Wim Wenders, etc.), cooking and weekend jaunts to New York City.

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