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termite mound in AustraliaTermites are a big deal in America (though strangely not in Canada – they appear reluctant to cross the border). There are thousands of searches online every day relating to these destructive pests, with people wanting to find termite pictures such as the amazing mound pictured here which shows tourists walking between giant termite mounds in Kakadu National Park, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia. People also want to learn about the best termite treatment and know everything there is to know about termite control. And then there are searches for termite skateboards.

No, no spelling mistake here. I did mean to say termite skateboards. Turns out, this is a very worthy organization helping kids to channel all their youthful energy into sports, in this case skateboarding, providing them with positive experiences. Perhaps they will be the next Tony Hawk (impressed with my skateboarder knowledge?)

Just as a flavour, see Top 5 most popular search terms in below, listed by average US monthly searches:

1. Termites = 40,500

2. Termite = 12,100

3. Termites pictures = 12,100

4. Termite control = 5,400

5. Termidor = 4,400

My research also highlighted other termite related terms, which sparked my curiosity:

Orange oil termite treatmentThis sounded like a rather simple treatment. It seems that the active ingredient, d-limonene, found in orange oil (extracted from orange rinds) helps to destroy termites as it damages their exoskeleton. However, as is always the case with any pest problem, the effectiveness of this treatment is based upon the type of termite infestation, and it would still have to be applied by a professional exterminator.


Termite tenting – I didn’t know what to make of this search term – I couldn’t get the idea of camping holidays out of my head. So, how could camping relate to termites? Well, it seems this is just another term for termite fumigation carried out on entire properties. Suddenly I get the idea of the term. This fumigation process requires homeowners to move out during the treatment, and is apparently most effective against Dry wood termites.

subterranean termite soldierTermite bait – I found this search term a little strange. Surely your house is the biggest bait possible? Well, it seems termite baiting is another common termite control method. The baits generally consist of paper, cardboard or other food, combined with a slow-acting substance, which is lethal to termites. The trick in the bait of course, is that it still has to be tasty to termites, otherwise they won’t fall for it. But seriously, if termites find wood palatable, then getting the bait ingredients right, can’t be too difficult?!

Termites pictures – People are searching in their thousands for pictures of termites. Perhaps watching CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has inspired people to do some of their own investigation into their termite problems. This is a good thing though, as it pays to know your enemy.




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