Rats and Mice Facts Infographic

Rodents - The Dirty Details It’s time to get down to the dirty truth about rodents. Rats and mice become highly active indoors in the fall and winter. Seeking food and shelter, rodents will squeeze through a minute gap to enter your property. While it may not be on purpose, we often provide rats and mice ideal living conditions in our homes and businesses. Rodents can quickly infest a space without the property owners even noticing.

Does the simple thought of having a nest of mice living in your basement give you shivers? There’s numerous reasons why it is important to keep your house or building rodent-free. From contaminating your food to triggering asthma, rodents can cause a host of headaches for humans. We created the below infographic “Rats & Mice – Eviction Notice – All Unwanted Guests Must Leave” to highlight all the trouble these beady-eyed creatures stir up on a regular basis. The infographic also features insightful tips on how to prevent rodent problems and infestation signs to look for in your property.

Rodent Infographic

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What is your favorite rodent fact from the infographic? Leave your choice in the comments below! 

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