No Bugs to Fear = Holiday Cheer!

Enjoy the Holiday!

No matter what holiday you are celebrating this year, there is still the need for caution. Tales are passed down through generations about holiday cheer thwarted by the reckless invader. Home invasions, that’s right. Every year, delinquents join the festivities unbeknownst to you and your family. This year…that won’t happen because you’ll know how to stop them.

Don’t bother calling the police. You probably brought them with you and didn’t even realize it. Holiday decorations are consistently adding unwanted pests to your home, but after reading this you will know how to prevent this from happening!’s Missy Henriksen offers great advice for the holiday season. If bringing in any kind of vegetation from the outdoors or forest, hitchhikers could easily be traveling with your goods. Spiders, ticks, ants and even mice could be just waiting to pop out. Before bringing anything into your home make sure you inspect it carefully. Shake it out really well and even run your hands (put on gloves!) through the whole thing if possible.

I’m sure that you also don’t buy new decorations every year (if you do – kudos to you!), and where do you store them? The attic? The basement? These sound like excellent places for pests to hide and live. When packing and unpacking those yearly traditional decor items, make sure you inspect for gnaw marks or droppings. Definitely don’t forget to look at your lights before stringing them throughout your home; if there is a bite in them they could easily short or spark which would incur even more damage.

The truth of it is…I just want you to have the best holiday possible. So make sure to check the decorations, eat a bunch, relax.

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