Pest Proof Your Picnic

Ant Picnic InvasionOk – You’ve got a picnic planned for the holiday weekend.  You know, the checkered tablecloth, the dogs and burgers cooking on the bbq and Aunt Mary’s homemade potato salad.   To prevent unwanted guests (other than the gazillion calories in Aunt Mary’s potato salad) like ants, wasps, flies and mosquitoes from showing up, here’s a few tips from some of our chief Ehrlich entomologists:

  1. Choose a dry location for your picnic.  Bugs like mosquitoes like being near the water too.
  2. Encourage your guests not to wear colognes, perfumes and hairsprays to the picnic as these scents attract flying insects and stinging insects like wasps.
  3. Insects love bright colors (think flowers).  Keep this in mind when selecting your picnic ware or accessories such as handbags as well as clothing.
  4. Cover your food as much as possible to prevent flies and stinging insects and their contamination. For example, cover the tops of soda cans with aluminum foil and poke a straw through the foil.  This prevents stinging insects from flying into the can.  If one does land on your drink, don’t swat at it.  This simply annoys the insect.  Let it take its drink, and it will leave.
  5. Fill a large bucket with sugar water on the outside of your picnic area, away from your guests.  This will serve as an attractant, as opposed to you and your food.
  6. Wipe down your picnic area with vinegar or lay down citrus peels, which serve as a natural pest repellent.
  7. Apply insect repellent spray to your clothing.
  8. Use citronella candles around the picnic site.
  9. And lastly, enjoy your pest-free picnic!
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