Pest Control Weapons

Vacuum those bugsThere’s a pest control assistant in every household. It may be lurking beneath the stairs or locked away in a dark cupboard…. yes you’ve guessed it (and the picture was a bit of a giveaway too)… it’s the vacuum cleaner. This household star appliance not only keeps your home clean from the dust, dirt and debris pests like dustmite, cockroaches and rodents like to snack on, it can also act as your very own pest control agent.

Spiders, fleas and stink bugs all hasten to avoid this sucking, whirring appliance which will bring a speedy end to their terror.

Fleas lay lots and lots of eggs which can lie dormant for a year. Flea larvae live around and feed upon the organic flecks of skin and other similar materials that collect wherever pets spend time. Food and other debris tends to be pushed to the edge of the floor so vacuum regularly, right up to the edges and in any cracks and crevices to get rid of the flea eggs and larvae. Be sure to empty the bag as fleas can hop right back out again. By vacuuming regularly you will keep the eggs from hatching and avoid a flea infestation.

If house spiders have you climbing the walls, vacuum their cobwebs. This will reduce their food source and may deter them from viewing your house as a larder. For those terrified of spiders the vacuum cleaner is a great means of removing the problem at more than arms length.

Vacuuming enables you to remove stink bugs without smashing them which releases the stench. You can also catch them in a box or jar and brush them inside gently with a lid.

To ensure stink bugs don’t make an entrance back into your home check the areas around the windows, doors and vents in your home for cracks or openings where a stink bug could enter.

Foam strips, purchased at any hardware store, are ideal to fill gaps in windows, or use caulk. Dispose of the stink bugs by placing them outdoors, or freezing them in a sealed container such as a glass jar will kill them without releasing the stink.

Vacuuming thoroughly and often will also deny cockroaches food sources such as crumbs.

Good housekeeping is key to keeping the creepy crawlies out of your home, so keep your vacuum cleaner close.

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