Occasional Invaders, Not Space Invaders

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Stop pests from entering your homeWhen my American colleagues started talking to me about occasional invaders, I must confess that I had no idea at first what they meant by this phrase.

It sounded a bit like a science-fiction term and so I was trying to keep up with the conversation whilst racking my brain as to how this could possibly fit in with pest control.

And then the penny dropped….or should that be nickel?

It seems this US name is their equivalent of our own casual intruders – though I suspect neither term makes much sense to a non-pest control person.

Simply put, it is a collective name that refers to a group of (typically) insects that may occasionally or casually invade our homes from time to time – now you see the connection, right?

In this particular instance, occasional invaders refers to the following insects:Image of Lady Bug

Thankfully, these insects are mostly harmless and only cause irritation through their presence in the home, rather than causing any damage or spreading disease.

Image of House CricketThe cricket can however cause damage to fabrics including silk, wool, synthetics  (particularly viscose, triacetate and acetate). Clothing soiled with perspiration are highly attractive to crickets and unlike clothing moth holes, crickets chew large holes in fabrics they take an interest in. You have been warned!

The advice to homeowners who may already have these pests in their home is to use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them, or to employ the catch and release method.

To prevent these pests in the first place, the usual advice is to:Image of millipede

  • Inspect your property for any potential entry points
  • Seal exterior cracks and crevices
  • Ensure windows and door frames seal tightly
  • Install door sweeps to tighten the gap at the base of doorways
  • Inspect plants before bringing them inside

Am sure that having read this email you will all now be eager to go and inspect your crawl spaces, basements and doorways to prepare your homes to withstand occasional invader insects! Good luck!

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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