New Orleans Hornets, If The Name Fits…

New  Orleans HornetsThe 2010-11 National Basketball Association (NBA) season kicks off in approximately a week from now.  I usually get excited at the start of the season, but admittedly my interest wanes as the season goes on – probably because there are many other professional sports leagues in season this time of year.

Anyway, one team I enjoy watching in the NBA is the New Orleans Hornets. The reason I started to follow them is that I liked their style of play, and it’s like the name fits perfectly for the way this team plays:

  • Aggressive on defense.
  • Focus on teamwork.
  • Ability to “sting” the opponent with a knack to score points rapidly.

In digging a little deeper I decided to look up characteristics of a hornet, the insect version that is. Several things I discovered seemed surprising similar to the sports team – stay with me here…

  • Hornets are very defensive if their nests are threatened.
  • A colony of hornets will work together as a team to build combs to develop their nest.
  • And finally, I’m sure some of us know exactly what it feels like to have been stung by a hornet, wasp or other stinging insect.

Unfortunately I am not talented enough to be in the NBA, which prevents me for giving any wisdom or tactics to deal with the New Orleans Hornets. However, I can provide you with some advice on getting rid of hornets and other stinging insects.

Hornets and other stinging insects are almost out of their season here in the Northeast U.S., so the window to deal with them is closing for this year. The other Hornets season starts in less than a week, is 82 games long, and concludes late in June – so that leaves a long time to deal with those Hornets, but hopefully it won’t be as stressful!

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