My Spanish Bedbug Experience

Ibiza-plageSo my European travel adventures continue… as I mentioned in my post about Italy, Ibiza was our next destination. I had a wonderful time on the sunny Spanish island and stuffed myself silly with Tapas washed down with Sangria. The seven days of absolute luxury was great until the bed bugs crawled out the woodwork.

On the fifth night my partner complained of a crawling sensation. I ignored him.  He snapped the lights on. We searched the bed. Nothing. The next day he woke up with bites on the neck, back and shoulder; strangely I was unbitten. Bedbugs leave evidence behind – tiny spots of blood. There were red dots on the sheets. “Bedbugs!” I shrieked. Although the trip was lovely we had got to the point where we were ready to go. We were even feeling itchy when we were out and about, not sure if that was just a psychological thing or not.

bed_bug_cimex_lectulariusWe arrived home at about 3am and although exhausted I  put everything from Ibiza; luggage, clothing etc in a large black plastic bag and sealed it up. First thing in the morning we put everything in the washing machine on a hot wash and then into the tumble dryer. I have to admit we did feel itchy for the first few days we were back, but again I think that was a physiological thing. Just to be extra sure, we put fresh linen on the bed and since then we haven’t itched (touch wood).

Whether or not we had a bed bug experience I am unsure, I did mention it to the hotel receptionist who didn’t even know what bed bugs were, and when I attempted to explain, she wasn’t particularly concerned. I am glad I work in pest control as I knew how to prevent the problem spreading in our home. I think I can safely say, two and a half weeks later, that I have officially combated my first bed bug travel experience… lets hope it’s the last.

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