Mouse or no mouse… Part 2

Quick catch the mouse!As promised here is the update on the ‘is there a mouse in my house?’ situation. First of all, to address the burning question on everyone’s mind… was there a mouse? The answer is yes! Three of them.


Just after writing my previous post we decided to relocate the traps to underneath the oven and within three days we had caught three mice. At this point I became rather concerned and called in the experts…. RENTOKIL.


Prakash, a local surveyor, came and did a thorough investigation of our property and established there was nothing we were doing wrong, phew! There were no obvious holes, no obvious entry points; it wasn’t a hygiene issue, rather just one of those unfortunate things. It was suggested that this family of mice were probably just opportunists who slipped in via an open door when they had a chance. My fellow flatmates were relieved to hear this; however I doubt anyone was as pleased as me. I had envisioned hundreds of mice hiding throughout our house, breeding, feeding, taking over! To put my nightmare to rest was comforting to say the least. The surveyor gave us some advice, suggested we keep up with the traps and see what happens. It was basically a matter of getting rid of the few that were inside, rather than a mission to control a growing population.


We reset the mouse trap that night and caught nothing… A month later the trap is still set and there are no signs of mice. Perhaps those three little mice were a compact family. I’m glad we acted as we did, I really do believe had we left the problem any longer it could have very quickly got out of hand! We stopped the breeding cycle before it occurred and for that I am grateful.


I have not stopped being concerned just yet though… I hear the winter sends rodents looking for shelter indoors; in fact winter is the peak season for residential rodents in the UK. I think as long as we are aware, vigilant and quick to respond if we spot another mouse, hopefully we can slam the proverbial door shut before another mouse seeks our house.

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