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More Than Pest Control: The Pest Detective

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Detective3You wake up one morning and head down to the kitchen. When you turn on the lights, you gasp as a hundred tiny brown insects scurry for cover – right into the cupboards and cabinets. You know what that means immediately: you have a roach infestation.

What do you do? You could go out to the store and buy a bunch of over-the-counter roach deterrents and traps, hoping that they work, or you can call the professionals that will come out and take care of the problem and prevent return visits.

You might think that a pest control professional needs to know all about insects and rodents, and perhaps a bit about what methods to remove them, but that’s about it. When you call a professional for home pest control services you might expect a guy with a can on his back to show up and just start spraying all over your home.

It’s more than that, though.

The truth is, there’s more to being a pest control and pest removal expert than just knowing about bugs. A Technician truly has to be a pest detective to be effective.

Detecting the Problem

tech-trap-garageThose roaches didn’t get there from nowhere. Somewhere inside your home there is an access point that is allowing them to get in and cause the problem. The same can be said if you find mice or rats or any other kind of pest.

A fully qualified pest control specialist isn’t interested in only removing the bugs or rodents that are already there. Pest control companies prevent those bugs from returning, which means you have to be able to look at a structure and find where the insects are coming in, so you can find a way to stop them.

A highly qualified exterminator can look at the walls, base boards, ceiling tiles and areas all around your home and determine where they are coming in. They can find holes and openings around pipes and vents or within interior walls to instantly figure out where they are getting into the kitchen, basement, attic or other interior areas.

A pest removal expert will seal up the access points and target the prevention methods where they will do the most good. Thus, they remove the pests already there and stop them from coming back.

Plus, there could be factors around your home that are causing roaches, mice or insects to get into your house.

Searching the Area

searchingIs there construction around your home or building? Has some company come in and torn down the building next door or across the street? Is your home or building near a field, an area with a lot of trash, a rail yard, garbage dump or landfill? If so, this could make your home prone to infestations and your pest control professional can determine that.

Knowing the area determines the most effective pest removal and pest prevention service that will do the most good. It allows the pest control professional to set up an effective barrier to stop infestations.

Certain pests require special methods of removal and looking around your property to find the most likely source can determine the prevention methods that will work the best.

Knowledge is Key

Dead RoachA pest control specialist knows the best methods of removing pests. It may require a number of different methods from glue traps to sprays to get rid of them. They can advise you on parts of the structure in your home that might contain the nests or infestation and seal up holes and access points.

A certified pest control expert can advise on removing things like woodpiles, compost heaps, areas of high brush and vegetation to prevent pests from finding a home in your home. Providing you with knowledge so your property remains pest free.

More than Just Pests

A reliable and effective pest control professional knows more than just bugs and rodents. They are a bit of a structural engineer so they can determine the most likely points of access inside and around your home. Then they have a heaping helping of detective thrown in to seek out nests and know where pests originate. Finally, they are a consultant that can help you make your home as safe and pest-free as possible.

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Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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