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K9 Detection

I attended a bedbug symposium last week with Jerry, our go-to guy when you need to know about bedbugs. First off, this symposium was no short meeting; I learned everything there was to know about bedbugs (a 3 hour endeavor). The only thing I originally knew about bedbugs was that they pop up randomly in public places. I never knew how they got there of if they bred there…how did they really get there?

Bedbugs are ugly little critters. What I discovered is that you can actually see them if you know what you’re looking for. Bedbugs leave behind rust colored stains on materials, as well as shell casings and eggs. The neatest thing to come from this symposium though…

K-9 detection! Dogs are now being used by Ehrlich to detect bedbug activity. These dogs, just like bomb sniffing dogs, sniff out the bedbugs, or traces of them before they really become a problem. Humans can also do this (see them not sniff them), but it is labor intensive and takes much longer. The benefits of using a dog:

  • Specially trained to detect live Bed Bugs and viable eggs with 600-1,000 hours of training
  • Inspections performed quickly with no dismantling of furniture
  • Alerts are verified by trained professional
  • Canines receive continuous training and training logs are kept on file
  • Inspections take as little as 30 seconds per room
  • Thorough and extremely accurate

We have six dogs on staff now, one even being a pug! It turns out our little guys can be, and are, more than just cute looking pups! I absolutely cannot wait to go on a ride along for a bedbug call to see these guys in action.

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