We Have A Bed Bug Sniffer Dog

Using dogs to sniff out bed bugs is not new, but it is new to J. C. Ehrlich. The newest four legged employee, Roxy, is a German Shepherd puppy who was saved by a Sales Rep from an animal shelter and who now goes hunting down bedbugs on work days. On rest days she stays in the family home.

These horrible pests can infest the cheapest motel or the most expensive 5* hotel (and even residential properties if they are carried home after travelling) and many businesses now want to be proactive about this pest problem. They know that if a single bedbug is found on-site their reputation could be at stake. And lack of visitors means lack of income equals business problems.

travelling the world attending international bedbug seminarsBut why use dogs in the battle against bedbugs? Its because their sense of smell is so good. In fact the only disadvantage of using such a keen hunter as Roxy is that she sometimes picks up the scent of old infestations as well as current ones. A less than 100% success rate is usually down to the age-old problems of tiredness (who doesn’t hate being over-worked?) or eagerness to please the boss (although generally we don’t do it to receive dog biscuits or canine chocolate treats!).

Maybe she will have to come and show off her skills when the next International Bedbugs seminar is held so she can add “international travel” to her resume alongside bedbug supersleuth.

Do Pests Go On Vacation

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