A plate of cookies with bowl of edible insects

Infographic: What You Didn’t Know About Eating Insects


Have you ever considered eating insects? Believe it or not eating insects is on the rise both as a daring new dish for diners but also as a way to combat food shortages globally. From being a rich source of protein to reducing our carbon footprint, insects are a viable and healthy food source.

In the leadup to Ehrlich Pest Control’s pop-up Pestaurant in Baltimore on September 26th, we wanted to share the below infographic about a few things you may not know about eating insects.

Fun facts about edible insects

Interested in Pestaurant. Visit our Pestaurant page to learn about our one-of-a-kind edible insects event.

Learn more about our Baltimore area Ehrlich Pest Control district.

Ashley Smith

Ashley is a Digital Content Manager with Rentokil. She loves drinking coffee and spending time with her dogs.

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