Rodent problem

Infographic: America’s Rodent Problem


americas-rodent-problemFor both homeowners and businesses alike, rodents can cause a host of problems during the winter season. The extreme winter storms Americans are suffering through are driving rats and mice indoors seeking shelter and food sources. Ehrlich Pest Control (along with our sister companies Presto-X Pest Control & Western Exterminator) have reported a substantial increase in rodent-related calls in 2014. In addition to spreading diseases and contaminating food, rodents can cause structural damage and even fires.

The National Pest Management Association created the below Infographic, “America’s Rodent Problem” to illustrate the considerable amount of destruction rodents inflict in the United States.

America's Rodent Problem Infographic

If you are experiencing a rodent problem in your home or business, contact Ehrlich Pest Control for advice and solutions.

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