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How do you get bed bugs?

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The sheer mention of bed bugs gives many people the creeps. The very thought of them crawling on our skin and feeding on our blood while we’re asleep sends shivers down our spines!

If you spot signs that bed bugs could be present, get in touch with a professional from a trustworthy pest control company who can verify whether the pests are bed bugs and provide appropriate treatment.

Ehrlich specialists are experts in bed bug control and can offer the solution necessary to eradicate these blood-feeding organisms. Call us at 888-984-0186 to arrange a bed bug inspection or contact us online for help.

Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of bed bug incidents has risen. But where do bed bugs come from and how do you get a bed bug infestation?

Let us explain…

What causes bed bugs?

reddish bed bug close-up

It is believed that the two main culprits behind the spread of bed bugs are:

  • Global travel
  • Secondhand furniture sales

Like bed bugs, both these instances have seen a rise in recent years and provide these biting insects with amazing opportunities to claim a free holiday, traveling to new locations by latching on to passenger luggage, often unbeknownst to them! You could be transporting bed bugs from place to place while on vacation or bringing them into your home when you tote in used furniture.

Global travel

bed bugs

Bed bugs love to travel – it’s one of their favorite things and not to mention that they are amazing hitchhikers!

Places such as hotels and other overnight facilities are like giant magnets for bed bugs due to the high amount of human traffic. This provides bed bugs with countless opportunities to hitch a ride to an array of locations by easily hitching a ride in your suitcase.

Hotels are at just as much risk of obtaining a bed bug problem as they are of spreading one. Also, bed bugs in one room can move to other rooms, which could create a real problem at your property. If you work in hospitality, be proactive and stay alert for bed bugs – this could help you avoid a public relations issue.

Secondhand furniture

Just like luggage, furniture also provides bed bugs with cheap flights to your home.

If a piece of furniture is infested with bed bugs, especially pregnant female ones or their eggs, then there is a high possibility that the new owner will have a bed bug problem on their hands.

One thing to keep in mind: Although their name might suggest it, bed bugs do not just live in beds, they can also be found on other furniture such as cabinets, wardrobes and even chairs and sofas, providing multiple ways for bed bugs to invade your home.

Try not to buy used furniture – but if you do, check any furniture for evidence of bed bugs before you take the items inside. Do not use furniture that appears to be infested. It could save you a big headache in the future!

How to tell if you have bed bugs

bed bug head and body

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to spot bed bugs in your home, as they often dwell in areas out of plain sight, only vacating their homes, which they have made in your furniture, to grab a bite to eat from human hosts. They also tend to feed on you when you’re sleeping, which is not very conducive to catching their activity.

The first sign you might have a bed bug problem can be waking up to find bites on your body. However, it is important to understand that identifying bed bug bites can be a bit difficult as everyone reacts differently to them. Additionally, not everyone reacts to the bites.

What do bed bug bites look like?

This is a hard question to answer. Bed bug bites can manifest themselves in multiple ways, and again, some individuals do not react to them at all.

For example, the bites can look like red marks, or they can be welts. They may show up in a line or you may experience a swollen rash. But there is not a good rule of thumb for their appearance. Additionally, because not everyone reacts to bed bug bites, you’re not off the hook if no bites are visible – you may still have an infestation.

Bed bug bites can also be confused for the bites of other pests, such as mosquitoes and fleas. If you find any kind of insect bites, have a pest control company carry out an inspection to see what the problem is.

How to treat bed bug bites

Don’t take risks with insect bites. For advice on how to treat bed bug bites, consult a medical professional. In particular, if you experience any kind of severe or unusual reaction, contact a doctor right away.

Do bed bug bites itch?

Bed bug bites can itch, but not always. If the bite does start itching, try not to scratch it, because that could open a wound and lead to a secondary infection. As usual, if you have questions about how to handle itching or if you encounter an infection, see a medical professional.

Where do bed bugs bite?

Bed bugs bite exposed skin, such as your arms, neck or face. They will typically feed in places where you sleep or sit for a long time period. Feeding sites could include your bed but could also include a movie theater seat. At the time the bite occurs, you likely will not feel it because bed bugs inject an anticoagulant and an anesthetic.

Although bed bugs have not been shown to transmit disease in the wild, they can devastate the reputation of your business or make your home appear unwelcoming. That’s just part of the reason why you should take steps to prevent bed bug issues.

how do you get bed bugs

Bed bug symptoms

Aside from discovering suspicious bites, there are also some signs that you might have a bed bug problem. They are:

  • Dark/black stains around your mattress and bed frame, particularly around the joints and slats
  • An unpleasant, sweet, sickly scent
  • Small dark blood spots on your bedding
  • Live bed bugs on furniture joints and skirting boards

Have you seen signs indicating that bed bugs could be at your premises? Reach out to a pest professional as soon as possible. If an infestation is not found until later, it will probably be harder to eradicate. Bed bugs can be tough to eliminate, so consult with someone who knows how to get rid of them properly.

If you are looking for assistance to control bed bugs in your home or business, contact the experts at Ehrlich today.

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