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How Do Mice Get Into Your House?

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ThinkstockPhotos-508257912The winter months are upon us, which means an increased frequency of phone calls from customers with mouse concerns. But how do mice enter our homes and what can we do to keep them out?

All mice need is a gap the size of 1/4th of an inch to enter your property and start breeding. How big is 1/4th of an inch? That’s about the size of opening a pencil can fit through. Mice can potentially contaminate your food supply and even in some instances spread diseases. Rodents like mice will sneak into your house in various ways, sneaking through cracks and crevices in your foundations, open or damaged windows, holes in exterior walls, chimneys and even broken roof tiles.

To make it more difficult for mice to enter your home, make sure you keep your home as clean as possible and seal all potential entry points. Unsure if you have mice? Keep an eye out for droppings, dirty smudges along floor boards and furniture or wiring that appears to be gnawed. Mice are primarily nocturnal so it is unlikely that you will spot a mouse during the day.

Here are few things to keep in mind about mice: 
  • As it grows colder outside (usually during the fall), mice will migrate indoors in search of warmth, food and shelter.
  • Once mice become established inside a home or building, they can be difficult to control because they are nocturnal creatures and prolific breeders.
  • Once indoors, mice are well-adapted to living there year-round, and will not be inclined to move back outdoors in the spring.
  • Mice can cause a significant amount of damage to household items such as food, clothing and furniture by gnawing on them, or by contaminating them with their droppings and urine.
  • Mice can also transmit diseases such as bacterial food poisoning-pathogens, when food is contaminated with infected rodent feces.
  • Mice typically build their homes close to their food sources as they will eat up to 20-30 times in a single day
  • Female mice can give birth up to 10 times in a single year
  • Most mouse species can jump 18 inches in the air
If you have an ongoing mouse problem in your house, seek professional pest control help to get rid of mice.
Do you have experiences with mice in your home? Share your stories in the comments below!

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