Giant Spiders Are Taking Over Our Planet

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Giant spider web forming in TexasIn Texas, 2007 giant communal spiders began to cast their web over swathes of Lake Tawokoni State Park. The park looked like something from a horror movie.

For a full chronology of The Texas Spider Mystery click here (Picture – Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tom Pennington).

Maryland Web

In 2010 more huge spider webbing was discovered in Maryland. The arachnids had created an immense web inside a waste water treatment plant, an open building covering almost four square acres.

In some areas there were 176 spiders/m³ and the webbing was so dense it had pulled the fluorescent lighting off the wall. I guess that what happens if you let the spring cleaning slip. 

More recently spiders have shrouded trees with their webbing in Pakistan, cutting off sunlight and killing the trees.

Huge Dog-Spider Attacks Woman

More recently a Dog-spider was spotted attacking a woman in a park in America. Luckily she managed to defend herself but it was a close call as the spider was making a bee-line for her.

How to Remove A Huntsman From Your Home

Huntsman spiders have long plagued Australian homes, and can give birth to hundreds of spiders – which is why it’s important to safely remove them to an outside area. This Australian father demonstrates how the professionals catch a spider.

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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