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Get to know the experts: Employee Spotlight on Camisha White


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When Camisha White was 11 years old, she had an encounter with a mouse that set the stage for her career as an Ehrlich Pest Control Customer Service Representative. Her sister came into her bedroom one night when she was sleeping and noticed something behind her radio.

“This mouse was right there just looking at me and I couldn’t move. My sister ran out of the room so fast and left me there just screaming,” Camisha recalls with a laugh. But then, donning a serious face, adds, “I really don’t like mice. I don’t even like hamsters or gerbils. Rodents, I don’t mess with.”

Some would say she’s working in the right place.

As a Customer Service Representative that handles nearly 600 customer calls per month, Camisha faces an array of pest issues daily. However, there are some that stand out – and one that she’ll never forget. That call came from a distressed, new mother who had to relocate her infant to a hotel because of a bed bug infestation at home.

“I just knew I had to get something done for her as soon as possible,” Camisha said.

Calls like this are why Ehrlich takes pride in having a team of compassionate Customer Service Representatives fielding customer concerns. Pest problems are uncomfortable, and our team is ready and willing to help. With an education in social work, Camisha is a natural at listening to her customers concerns and identifying efficient solutions for their situations.

That’s one benefit to being an Ehrlich customer, says Camisha: always having someone to turn to with pest sightings or concerns.

“Ehrlich CSRs all have empathy,” she says. “We’re the ears of the company and are here to help you.”

While Camisha is definitely a problem solver, every once in awhile, she’s on the receiving end – sometimes customers chime in with a little humor to brighten her day.

“I had this one customer tell me a joke before he ended the call. He said, ‘I hope that brightened your day,’” she recounts. “It was so nice and relieving – those are the things that really make my job fun.”

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