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Food Retail Pest Control: What You Need To Know

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Supermarkets and grocery stores are no places for pests. Not only can a pest infestation cause health-related issues but they can damage public-facing food retailers, too. Some of the potential issues caused by pest infestations include:

  • Damage to reputation and customer trust
  • Loss of sales and profits
  • Potential closures by regulatory authorities
  • Claims for compensation

All of these issues can threaten a food retailer to the point of business closure. Ehrlich Pest Control understands the importance of keeping a food retail facility pest free. We understand the hard work and commitment you deliver to each customer and we understand you don’t want pests to stand in the way of your success.

Some pests that are commonly found are:

Depending on the layout of your facility will determine which pests you’re at risk for. For example, receiving docks are at risks for flying insects, cockroaches, rodents and birds. Shelves are at risks for flying insects, store product pests, cockroaches and rodents.

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Food Retail Pest Protection

Ehrlich Pest Control provides nation-wide coverage, which means we can provide our pest control services to multi-site customers. Our combined invoicing and tailored pest control solutions means you’ll always know what services are being performed and when.

Our PestNetOnline portal provides you with detailed reports, observations and notes of treatments performed, available 24/7.  

Ehrlich has a team of field biologist, technical managers, QA managers and high dependency technicians devoted to food-handling clients. We’re also versed in U.S. food legislation so we can ensure your facility is up to code.

To learn more about how your food retail facility can benefit from Ehrlich Pest Control’s food retail services, contact us online.

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