Ehrlich, JC Ehrlich: The James Bond of Pest Control

The James Bond of Pest Control
The 24th James Bond film, Spectre, will be out on November 6. Brought to you by the same directing and production team that brought about the much-praised Skyfall, it is sure to be a huge hit and cement Daniel Craig as one of the best to play the super-spy.

The James Bond film and book franchise has been one of the most enduring and popular in history. Few other film series have gone on as long, managing to change and reinvent itself as the years go by.

What does an Ehrlich Pest Control Technician have in common with James Bond? More than you think…

Know Our Name

The odd thing about James Bond being a spy is the fact that everyone seems to know who he is. In fact, in one of the movies a villain walks into the room and says, “your reputation precedes you.” In the real world this would be a truly terrible thing for a spy, but for James Bond, it works. His name means the best is on the job.

At Ehrlich, we can relate to 007 in this regard. Since 1928, we have been providing the best quality pest control services possible. We are not shy about putting our name on our shirts, trucks and the products that we use, either. We want the word to get out that when you call Ehrlich, you are calling in the best possible team to get the job done.

The Greatest Toys

Of course, the thing that made James Bond famous in the 60s were the gadgets. Whether it was a car with an ejector-seat, a pen that shot missiles or a cigarette that did the same, nothing was cooler than watching Q outfit Bond with the latest in gadgetry.

At Ehrlich, we have our own version of Q-branch. These are the people who find and test the
latest methods of tracking down and controlling pests. Below are a few of the Bond-like pest gadgets Ehrlich Technicians employ in the field.




Offering an alternative form of mouse control, RADAR (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) is a bait-free, humane mouse trap, making it the perfect option for areas where rodenticides can’t be used.

If you have discovered a mouse problem in your business, our pest control experts will install RADAR units around the prime locations mice like to explore such as cable routes, kitchens and desks.

Where can RADAR be used?

  • Food and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities
  • Telecommunications buildings
  • Hospitality and catering properties
  • Education and health establishments

How does RADAR work?

  1. Each mouse trap has an entrance at each end, allowing mice to run into it from either direction.
  2. When the mouse breaks two consecutive infrared beams, it trips a circuit that closes both entrances.
  3. Carbon dioxide gas is released in the tightly sealed container.
  4. The gas acts rapidly and is widely recognized as a humane method of control. There is no danger of contamination as the mouse remains completely isolated.
  5. A warning light illuminates to indicate capture, informing you of mice activity.
  6. As the unit is self-contained, the mouse can be discreetly removed by your Ehrlich technician, before he resets the unit.

Luminos Fly Killers

Luminos 3 Plus

The Luminos fly killers were created as a hygienic response to traditional fly killers.

Although traditional fly killers do an excellent job in controlling a fly problem, there are issues surrounding hygiene relating to excess debris. This can be very concerning especially when food is involved as it can lead to the spread of bacteria.

It is because of these concerns that the Luminos fly killer was invented.

The electric Luminos Fly Killer range uses unique encapsulation technology or glue boards to capture and kill flying insects. As a pose to other fly killers, Luminos only uses electricity to attract the flies, using other means of pest control to capture them, resulting in a more hygienic fly control product, meeting all legal and health and safety requirements.

Granted these aren’t as explosive as some of Q’s inventions, nor are they hidden among everyday items such as a watch, pen or briefcase, but they are extremely effective and that’s the main point, right?

Arch Enemies

The one thing that makes James Bond who he is are the enemies that he faces. Each of them comes with their own unique set of henchmen, often with their own odd gadgets and abilities. Whether that means Odd Job’s bowler hat that can slice off the head of a statue or Jaws with his metal teeth, they all bring about their own set of challenges for Bond.

The villains themselves often have their own mountain lairs and elaborate plans that Bond has to stop to save the world. Although the things that we face at Ehrlich may not be that dramatic, the fact is that your own world can be disrupted or sent into upheaval by certain pets.

Bond has been around for a long time and he manages to adapt to the situations around the world and the changing political climate. That means the enemies change constantly – just like with Ehrlich.

Some enemies come back, too, stronger than they were before. Just like these:

Bed Bugs

Bed bug close up

Bed bugs were nearly wiped out not all that long ago. Now, with the changes in the use of various chemicals and other factors, bed bugs are a lot like James Bond’s Jaws in that they keep coming back, stronger than ever. Now they show up in homes, businesses, hotels, buses, movie theaters and other areas. This has caused our people to develop new methods of dealing with them more effectively and more environmentally friendly.

Bed Bug Entotherm Heat Pod

Heat Pod Bed Bug Treatment

Our Entotherm Heat Pod is a fantastic solution for any bed bug problem. Not only does it successfully manage an infestation, but also ensures the same problem doesn’t repeat itself. This is down to how the heat treatment affects bed bugs at each stage of its life cycle from egg to adult.

Not only is this treatment chemical free, but it also reaches all areas of an insect infestation placed within the unique designed pod. On top of this, only one heat pod treatment is needed to successfully get rid of these blood sucking pests.

Exotic Locales

James Bond films are famous for their exotic locations. Bond has been all over the world and in Moonraker, even got into a space shuttle and launched into space. There is nowhere that the crafty agent cannot go in pursuit of his nemesis.

You may not think of Ehrlich as being a global company, but that is not the case. Back in 2006, Ehrlich joined the Rentokil family of pest control companies. Rentokil is a global pest control power. In fact, Rentokil has pest control branches in 47 different countries, across the U.S., Europe and into places like South Africa and Australia.

With all of that in mind, one has to wonder if the better agent might not be an Ehrlich Pest Control technician. Bond has been menaced by tarantulas, snakes and poisonous centipedes during his run in the books and movies, any of which would have been helped by knowing an Ehrlich professional.

If you want the James Bond of pest control to tackle your pest issues, contact us today!

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