Noisy Fly Killers With Bits Of Burnt Insects?

32_M_iT09_395The use of sticky boards and films are so common and more to the point enhanced, that when you see (as I did recently), a large electric fly killer machine in a kitchen, above a food prep surface, with large dead blue bottles (flies), moths and many many other insects stuck to the grid, burnt as a crisp – it’s a bit grim. I totally agree with Danusia about not liking them.

Even for models without an encapsulation roll, you would be hard pushed to see the insects from any angle thanks to the discreet louvred front covers.

So though I do work for Rentokil and therefore know how effective Luminos models are, you do not need to have a biased view to realise the blatantly obvious choices laid before you. Would you choose 1 or 2…


  • You could have a machine that provides an audible zapping sound to alert your customers of a new kill.
  • A visual delight for all to see of dead insects above your heads.
  • And last but by no means least, the pleasure of having bits of dead insect flying out onto your food as the electric arc defrags each victim.


  • A silent non-sparking machine, working silently in the background.
  • Covert designed covers and auto-wind on film, removing any visual evidence of what the machine is doing.
  • And your fresh bowl of soup arriving minus any additional unwanted ingredients within!

Common Sense saves the day I would say. Voting Lines are open…you decide.

Salma Hayek Eats Bugs For Breakfast

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