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deBugged shortlisted for best corporate blog

We had a lovely evening at the DigiAwards last week, i.e deBugged didn’t win in the best corporate blog category.

It was the “3 blog” that won, as mentioned in the previous post about us being shortlisted. Yes, that’s right they are the ones whose building I pass every morning on the way to work… just adding salt into the wound. Have to admit I was quite disappointed, because it seems they use an agency to manage their blog, whereas we do it in-house with content created by our own people, who range from technicians, surveyors, marketing or technical experts.

The deBugged teamIt was great to have the team at the event. Our gang included those who hide behind the back-end of the blog and do the fiddly support and design work for us (Leyton and Mark), as well as the more visible front-end content creators Caroline and I, plus the senior manager of our team Stewart, as well as Melissa and Tom (who took the marvellous photo here – From L-R: Leyton, Caroline, Mark, me, Stewart). Someone even tried the vodka luge, cough cough splutter splutter. Photo available to the highest bidder!

It was an interesting affair, with the venue being a marquee just near to the Battersea Power Station (rather than the power station itself which is what I, naively, was expecting).

The awards were managed very smoothly by the master of ceremonies for the evening and it was funny to learn of the lederhosen clad dancers who officially opened the evening. Personally, I couldn’t see anything over all of the tall people stood directly in front of me, combination of me being short and them being at ground level rather than on a stage. I heard about them via the #digiawards tweet stream from the event the following day.

Sabrina Duncan International - host of the 2010 DigiAwardsThere were no emotional, heart jerking, tearful acceptance speeches à la Halle Berry or Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars – just a name call and photo of the winner and their award. In fact, the slick operation ensured all awards were given out in 45 minutes flat.

My only comments (read: constructive criticism) would be that firstly, chairs were non-existent which is a bit tough on a lady who is 7 months pregnant and tired all the time, i.e. me. And secondly, the “delicious food”. Oh yes, it was very nice, just served too slowly to the hungry masses and not nearly enough provided per person to classify as dinner (although the event was billed as a 7pm till midnight affair).

So let’s wait and see what happens next year, we may enter again or try our hand in another awards process. What with deBugged version 2 coming soon (watch this space!) we may well be in with a better chance of some non-pest control industry recognition for our efforts.

Mosquitoes, Malaria and Bella Italy!
Wasps & Yellow Handbags - Do Not Mix!

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