Cockroaches Linked To Asthma In New York Study

Cockroaches linked to asthma in New YorkYesterday I blogged about how pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches are used in Homeopathy to cure asthma. The ethos of Homeopathy is that a little bit of what ails you, can also help cure you. Apart from distributing bad germs and causing nasty upset stomachs cockroach droppings may trigger asthma too. The link between cockroaches and asthma has become clearer to understand thanks to new research by Columbia University.

The findings from a study led by Matthew Perzanowski was recently published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. The study investigated the relationship between cockroaches and asthma.

Perzanowski and his team visited the homes of 239 seven and eight year olds living in New York. More than half the children already had asthma, and families were selected who had similar income and health care.

The researchers collected blood samples from the children to identify allergens such as pets and dust mites, plus they took dust samples from their beds.

The results suggested that children living in neighbourhoods with high rates of asthma were twice as likely to carry antibodies against a cockroach protein in their blood and their homes contained more of the allergen produced by cockroaches in household dust. This is a sign that the children have been exposed to cockroaches and are likely to be allergic to them.

The findings provide further evidence to support the theory that cockroaches can contribute to higher rates of asthma in certain areas.

More information can be found on the cockroaches and asthma report at Reuters Life!

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