Throw Out Clutter To Help Stop Bed Bugs

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Keep your room clutter freeOver 75% of US pest controllers have reported that bed bugs are the most difficult pest to treat, according to a study by the National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky. The fact that this has risen from 60% in the past year signifies just how widespread and difficult bed bugs are to eradicate.

An infograph published in a recent blog illustrated just how widespread bed bugs are across the US. Bed bugs are excellent hitch-hikers and although they can’t fly the tiny insects are adept at crawling into suitcases or the folds of clothing. Once they reach their new destination they will climb out and rapidly establish themselves in their new home if there’s a food source – human blood!

Detecting bed bugs can be a time consuming exercise but Jackson, the Ehrlich hound, can sniff out bed bugs in minutes. He recently starred on television.

The University of Kentucky studied 13 infested apartments and found that 57% of bed bugs were in the box spring and mattress, 22.6% were in the couch or chair and 2.3% were found in the walls or ceiling.

Spraying has to take a holistic approach to prevent reinfestations from other bed bug harborages. Beds need to be dismantled prior to spraying or in severe cases, the bed may have to be disposed of. Over half of the 500 US pest controllers surveyed reported that it takes an average of two or three treatments to get an infestation under control, especially if the area is cluttered.

Help us in the fight against bed bugs and have a good spring clean. Vaccum thoroughly and regularly and throw out that clutter!

Ehrlich Pest Control
Ehrlich Pest Control

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