Choosing The Right Bird Control Solution

Bird Control QuestionsThe choice of available bird control solutions is vast. The solution most of us associate with bird control is bird netting which is a common sight at train stations, government buildings and even historical and public memorial sites.

But if you are willing to dig deeper, as I did, you will learn about many other varied products, ranging from gel repellents, to electrical wires to hazing and fogging systems.

News stories of planes crash landing due to an unlucky encounter with birds, usually brings home the importance of bird control. The only such incident that I can clearly recall in my lifetime is that of US flight 1549, which crash landed into the icy waters of the Hudson river in January 2009. It turned the pilot into a national hero, justifiably so, as his quick reactions saved everyone on board. It turns out that within 1 minute 37 seconds after takeoff, the aircraft struck a flock of geese at 2,700 feet, which took out both engines of the plane. This, of course, is an extreme example.

Bird Control Solutions


I think most people believe that pest birds are not really a big issue and perhaps consider mouse control to be far more important. Maybe this is because birds don’t necessarily invade our homes like mice – though you could be unlucky to find birds nesting in your attic.

The vast range of bird control solutions can be split into two categories: behavioural or physical. Physical modifications include the use of products, which physically deter birds nesting on your property. Behavioural modifications use products, which try to alter the behaviour of birds by actively trying to deter them from their desire to nest on your property.

Bird spikesPhysical Modifications include:

  • Bird netting – strategically placed bird netting to deter birds roosting on your property. Available in all sizes to suit requirement.
  • Bird spikes – ideal for placing on signs, gutters, roofs and take up the place where birds would otherwise want to roost.
  • Bird wire – ideal for exposed ledges
  • Bird exclusions – options include vent covers and chimney caps

Electrical bird deterrent

Behavioural Modifications include:

  • Electrical wire deterrent – this system emits a mild electrical jolt when a bird lands. It is not harmful to the birds but is an effective deterrent.
  • Hazing system – this emits a transparent haze, which birds find irritating and uncomfortable. It is not harmful to birds.
  • Gel repellents – these tactile repellents involve the use of a sticky, transparent gel, which birds find uncomfortable on their feet. It will hopefully prevent them roosting in the same site again.
  • Turf repellents – the use of non-toxic liquid sprayed onto grass to deter geese specifically from grazing in a certain area
  • Sonic dispersal system – a sound producing device used to deter birds away from your property.
  • Overhead grid systems – stainless steel wires installed in a checkerboard pattern to eliminate the possibility of birds landing on your property.

The choice can be overwhelming, but trained professionals can help you decide on the best solution for your unique bird problem.

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