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Top 10 Cartoon Bugs


Animated movies and T.V. shows bring us back to our childhood, whether it be watching movies with our parents when we were children, or watching them with your children now. The characters in these movies have been stood the test of time, whether it be Mickey Mouse or Shrek. Quite often cartoon characters are some sort of an animal that portray a common theme.

Insects are one of the most popular types of animals that are featured by cartoonists. Most of the time, insects are portrayed as hard working protagonists that have to overcome an obstacle (mostly a larger animal) to accomplish their goal. Just like in real life, these insects are very cunning and wise and are able to find a solution to almost any hurdle and prevail in the end.

Check out our list of insects that have made the cut to be considered the best cartoon insects of all time.

Flik – A Bug’s Life

Flik is a very smart and inventive ant who aspires to change the way that his colony is living. Although he is very smart, he has a tendency to create problems for his colony. His predisposition for danger leads him into dangerous situations for himself, although he is able to get himself out of trouble each time. He also has some very ingenious inventions such as a telescope that he created by wrapping a blade of grass around a drop of dew.

Berry B. Benson – Bee Movie

Berry is an ordinary bee that lives in a hive in Central Park in New York City. Berry recently graduated from bee college and is ready to enter the honey company for his hive, called Honex Industries. However, Berry realizes he will be stuck with the same job for his entire life if he joins Honex so he explores his options elsewhere with the super-cool “Pollen Jocks” squad. Once he leaves the hive to enter the real world, Berry encounters many problems and eye-opening experiences that shape his decisions and life.

Charlotte – Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte is a spider in Charlotte’s Web who is best friends with Wilbur and lives above his stall. She is a common barn spider, Araneus cavaticus and while our first impression of her is that she is bloodthirsty, she proves to be a great friend to Wilbur through thick and thin. She is very helpful for Wilbur, as spiders are for us in real life in eating insects that are capable of spreading diseases and causing destruction.

Mr. Centipede – James and the Giant Peach

Mr. Centipede is one of the main characters and protagonists in James and the Giant Peach. As his name suggests, he is a large centipede who is ironically the love interest of Miss Spider and a fatherly figure to James. While Mr. Centipede is a gruff and rude character towards the other insects in the movie, he is a loyal friend to James.

Absolem the Caterpillar – Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar
Although Absolem the Caterpillar doesn’t have a large role in Alice in Wonderland, he is very memorable as the blue caterpillar who is smoking a hookah pipe when Alice meets him. He is certainly helpful for Alice though, as the mushroom that he is sitting on helps her grow when she eats it.

Z-4195 – Antz

Z, although a lowly worker ant in his colony, is destined for greatness. He is a very courageous and brave ant who has saved Princess Bala and his other friends multiple times while putting his life on the line.

Evinrude – The Rescuers

Evinrude is a dragonfly from The Rescuers who helps get the protagonists Bernard and Miss Bianca to the hideout of Madame Medusa, the antagonist on his boat which is said to be the fastest one in the area. Evinrude has a small role, but it very memorable because of  his downright cuteness and his loyal help rescuing Penny from Devil’s Bayou.

Mub and Grub – Epic

Mub and Grub
Mub and Grub are two best friends in Epic who are caretakers of the pods. Mub is slug and Grub is snail, throughout the movie Mub is always joking around and being overconfident while Grub is more uptight and annoyed by Mub at times. Although they do not play large roles in the film, they provide some great comic relief to the adventure.

Jiminy Cricket – Pinocchio

Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy Cricket is one of the oldest characters on the list as he has been in multiple movies since 1940, when he first appeared in Pinocchio. In Pinocchio, Jiminy serves officially as Pinocchio’s conscience, but is also his best friend. A treasured character through the years, Jiminy was used as a host in many Disney televsion shows often singing his classic “When You Wish Upon a Star.”

Ray – The Princess and the Frog

Ray is a firefly from The Princess and the Frog, where he is known for aiding the protagonists Naveen and Tiana. In addition to helping find a cure for the curse he also acts as a matchmaker for the two, making them realize that they are meant to be together. Perhaps inspired by Evinrude from the Rescuers, Ray scores big points for his adorable Cajun accent.

Can you think of any other cartoon insects that belong on this list? Share below in the comments!

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