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Image of Bed Bug | Ehrlich Pest ControlIf you asked my wife what her greatest fears were, there’s a pretty good chance a certain blood-thirsty parasite would top the list – bed bugs. Occasionally, I like to bring up all the interesting facts I’ve learned about bed bugs working for Ehrlich to my wife’s dismay. However, I find it interesting that most people  dread bed bugs without actually knowing what they look like. Bed bugs are tiny insects (4-5 mm long) and are difficult to see with the naked eye. Bed bugs (or Cimex lectularious) feature a brownish-red color, an antennae and emit a “obnoxiously sweet” aroma from their body.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, bed bugs experienced a huge comeback in North America. The insects had been primarily non-existent on the continent since World War II.  In 2013, the National Pest Management Association reported in a study that “99.6 percent of U.S. based professional pest management companies have encountered a bed bug infestation in the past year.” If you spot an insect in your home that you believe may be a bed bug, it is highly recommended to contact a pest control professionals as soon as possible. Infestations can spread throughout your home quickly and are extremely difficult to eliminate through do-it-yourself methods.

For your benefit, I have included a collection of bed bug pictures below.


Bed Bug

Bed bug close-up


Bed Bug Anatomy


Bed bug crawling on knitwear

Bed Bug

Example of bed bug bites.

Example of bed bug bites.

Head of a bed bug

Bed Bug Profile


Close Up Picture of Bed Bug

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