That Time of Year Again: Cooler Temps, Football Season & Stink Bugs!

American Football - the NFL is back
Autumn, what a great time of the year! The hot scorching summer days have almost disappeared here in the North East US, school is back in session, and most importantly (as far as I’m concerned at least!) NFL Football season is back too.

Autumn is typically my favorite time of year.  Most people I know either like the Summer or Winter Season, so I tend to think of Autumn as “my” season.  Here are some of the reasons I prefer Autumn:

  • You can go outside and enjoy the day, without the sticky heat of summer.
  • There seems to be less insects in general around – e.g. flies, ants, mosquitoes.
  • The need to blast the air conditioner has lessened – I love having the windows open and breathing fresh air!
  • The leaves are changing from green to yellow, orange and red.
  • Grass is growing at slower rate – which means less need to cut it regularly.
  • NFL Football – no explanation needed!

But in recent years I feel someone else is trying to share/steal “my” joy – Stink bugs! If you live in the North East, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Brown marmorated Stink-Bug halyomorpha halyThe Brown Marmorated Stink bug is native to China, Korea, and Japan, and it is thought that they first came to the United States in shipping containers arriving from Asia.  Most of us see these “shield-shaped” bodied, brown, flying pests trying to invade our lives.

They seem to come out of nowhere this time of year. They especially have a fondness for getting into your home, doing so in large numbers.  I find these stink bugs on my walls, in my closets, crawling on my furniture – they’re everywhere! The main reason being is that they are looking for warmth to hibernate.

Stink bugs really do smell!Although stink bugs do not bite, they do live up to their name if they feel threatened.  They emit a very unpleasant odor as a defense mechanism.  Those of you who have attempted to “smash” or “squash” one will know exactly what I am talking about.  The smell is bad and seems to linger on your hands even after some serious washing.

So how do you get rid of stink bugs? Well, the best advice is to first attempt to locate where they are gaining access, and then seal those openings.  Make sure your window screens, windows, doors and frames are properly sealed. This proactive approach goes a long way in preventing stink bugs from overtaking your home!

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